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Solar Panels For Councils & Local Authorities

At Solar Voltaics, we recognise the pivotal role local authorities and councils play in serving and enhancing their communities. We work closely with councils and local authorities to make a substantial impact by reducing their energy expenses and carbon footprint. Our cost-effective solar solutions deliver a compelling return on investment, enabling councils to allocate resources where they’re needed most.

Our solar panel installations are tailored to meet the unique energy needs of local government buildings and facilities. By significantly reducing energy expenses, we provide councils the opportunity to redirect funds towards essential community services and critical infrastructure improvements. Embracing solar energy demonstrates a strong commitment to reducing carbon emissions, ultimately fostering cleaner, healthier communities for your constituents.

Solar Panel Installation for Local Authority

With over 5 years of industry experience, Solar Voltaics specialises in delivering professional solar panel installations for local authorities. Our expertise and resources enable us to efficiently complete complex projects on schedule and to high standards.

Our services cover various installation types, including pitched roof-mounted solar panels, flat roof installations, and ground-mounted systems. We have experience in working with major inverter brands and have a particular focus on SolarEdge DC optimisers, aligning with the Hampshire County Council (HCC) Solar PV standard.

Solar Energy Installation on ThamesWey housing
Somerstown Central Community Hub

Portsmouth City Council commission largest solar installation to date

Hot on the heels of installing a 100KW solar energy system on the flat roof of the prestigious PCC Civic Offices building, Solar Voltaics has now completed the largest solar PV system ever ordered by Portsmouth City Council. At 175KW the system is installed on the gently curving roof of the landmark Somerstown Central Community

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