Solar Inverters for PV Systems

At Solar Voltaics, we offer a range of solar inverters, which serve as one of the key components within a solar PV system. These inverters play a crucial role in the system by converting the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into the alternating current (AC) electricity used to power homes and businesses.

The selection of the correct type and specification of the inverter is paramount to ensure it aligns precisely with the number and configuration of solar panels in your installation. Our solar inverters are available in various power ratings matched closely with the total installed power output of the panels. To guarantee optimal performance and energy generation from your investment, we use specialised design software to achieve the perfect match, ensuring that your system operates at its peak efficiency.

Why Choose Our Solar Inverters?

Choose our solar inverters for the smart selection of the right inverter tailored to your specific needs. We understand that not all solar installations are the same. Some may require single maximum power point tracker (MPPT) inverters, ideal for unshaded, single-roof installations. However, if your setup spans multiple roof faces or encounters shading from nearby structures like trees or chimneys, our inverters with two MPPTs come into play, delivering higher overall power output.

At Solar Voltaics, we assess each application’s unique shading effects and recommend the most suitable inverter, ensuring your solar system performs at its best. Our most favoured brands include Solis, Growatt, GivEnergy, SolarEdge and Solax, but we can offer other brands where required.

We will also specify panel optimisers from Tigo or SolarEdge where shading is an issue or when required to provide panel level monitoring.

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    • Fantastic job by the Solar Voltaics team. Very polite, professional and tidy. Would certainly recommend. Currently enjoying free energy on the evening of the installation.

    • Solar Voltaics have been superb from start to finish. So good to deal with a human company, no phone queues, quick and thorough survey, very clear explanations of the planned installation. The installers were all great, very tidy and quick. The price has been very competitive and the system is up and running well. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.

    • Fantastic from initial phone call, through to installation, commission, MCS & G99. Very helpful to the non-experts like me and always open to give advice and guidance.

      Competitive price by a very trusted business and it has been a pleasure to use Solar Voltaics!

    • Really good service and support.

    • Solar Voltaics recently installed Solar on my property very professionally from start to finish would recommend.


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