Solar Inverters for PV Systems

At Solar Voltaics, we offer a range of solar inverters, which serve as one of the key components within a solar PV system. These inverters play a crucial role in the system by converting the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into the alternating current (AC) electricity used to power homes and businesses.

The selection of the correct type and specification of the inverter is paramount to ensure it aligns precisely with the number and configuration of solar panels in your installation. Our solar inverters are available in various power ratings matched closely with the total installed power output of the panels. To guarantee optimal performance and energy generation from your investment, we use specialised design software to achieve the perfect match, ensuring that your system operates at its peak efficiency.

Why Choose Our Solar Inverters?

Choose our solar inverters for the smart selection of the right inverter tailored to your specific needs. We understand that not all solar installations are the same. Some may require single maximum power point tracker (MPPT) inverters, ideal for unshaded, single-roof installations. However, if your setup spans multiple roof faces or encounters shading from nearby structures like trees or chimneys, our inverters with two MPPTs come into play, delivering higher overall power output.

At Solar Voltaics, we assess each application’s unique shading effects and recommend the most suitable inverter, ensuring your solar system performs at its best. Our most favoured brands include Solis, Growatt, GivEnergy, SolarEdge and Solax, but we can offer other brands where required.

We will also specify panel optimisers from Tigo or SolarEdge where shading is an issue or when required to provide panel level monitoring.

Our Testimonials

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    • From the initial call out Solar Voltaics couldn’t have been more helpful or professional. Mark came to visit the house several times and presented us with 6 options for solar panels. The work was prompt and the team polite and helpful. The electrician in particular was brilliant, and very diligent. Despite saying he would clock off early afternoon on the final day, when he discovered a problem connecting the battery he stayed until the job was resolved several hours later. We’ve since had other electricians in to look at other jobs in the house and they have commented on how good a job Solar Voltaics did. When we discovered one of the roof tiles hadn’t gone back correctly, the team came back to address this, despite the works being completed, which was very much appreciated. Would highly recommend.

    • Excellent Company, good price, excellent customer service, installers installed battery system with minimal mess, explained how to use it. All in all an excellent experience. I would not hesitate to use them again.

    • Great advice, Very professional and went the extra mile

    • They were great from start to finish and have continued to provide timely support post installation.

    • Excellent pre and post installation information and support


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