Solar Voltaics completes 1MW of solar for local councils

Buckland Flats

Solar Voltaics completed over 1MW of solar installations for local councils in the six months leading up to the end of March.

Portsmouth City Council, a pioneer in deploying solar PV for its social housing stock, has continued its strategy to reduce energy needs for its social housing stock. Solar Voltaics completed a total of 638Kw over 44 properties in the six months prior to the end of March.

A further 378Kw were installed in parallel for West Sussex County Council across 9 schools throughout the county.

With rising energy prices and a resurgence of concern over climate change the outlook for solar PV is still very positive in the UK, despite the Feed-In Tariff subsidy scheme coming to an end on 31st March 2019.

“With energy costs increasing and solar PV installation costs declining, the tipping point for justifiable subsidy free solar investment has arrived. We are seeing very strong enquiry levels from both commercial customers and the public sector in this post-subsidy World. We are expecting business to continue to grow as a result of energy price pressures and public concern over climate change,”  Mike Turner – Managing Director, Solar Voltaics.


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