Domestic Solar Maintenance

Special Offer – Opt for the Domestic maintenance plan and Remote Monitoring together and save £50 off your installation

Our maintenance packages for domestic sized systems are available to existing Solar Voltaics customers and to those that have had their system installed by another company. Sign up now and make sure your solar PV system is safe and working efficiently. Have peace of mind that if anything should go wrong we are only a phone call away.We know that providing a timely and efficient service for our customers is of paramount importance.

For this reason we only serve clients within a reasonable geographic area of our main office in Havant.

The postcodes that we currently provide maintenance services for include – BH, SP, SO, GU and PO.

We will be adding additional regional coverage in the future.

Annual Solar Maintenance plan (Systems up to 4KW) – £239 per year

Solar PV systems are very reliable, but like most technologies, they still need to be maintained to ensure maximum output efficiency.

Sign up for our annual maintenance plan including a free inspection visit and ensure your system is safe, clean and producing its maximum potential generation. Callouts and the first half hour on site are free aswell throughout the year if your system develops a fault (travel costs for IOW may apply).

Our annual health check includes:

  • Visual inspection of all panels
  • Assess for shade issues occurring since installation/previous health check
  • Ventilation space under panels is not obstructed
  • Roof condition visual inspection
  • PV module string test
  • Isolation resistance check
  • Generation power output check
  • Inverter system checks & error log messages
  • Junction box, isolator, distribution board and cabling inspection
  • Meter check & comparison to previous year
  • Labelling/schematic check

You will receive a solar maintenance report after the health check, together with any recommendations. If repair work is required, we will provide a no-obligation quote for the work to bring your system back to full health. You will also benefit from 20% off our standard parts and labour rates.

Solar Voltaics Domestic PV Installation

Remote Monitoring – Installation £195 + £59 per year

Remove the worry of monitoring your system. If your system fails without you knowing, you could lose many hundreds of pounds in lost Feed-In Tariff revenue and energy production. Our remote monitoring allows us to measure your generation output every day and contact you promptly if we detect a fault or loss of power. We will install a replacement generation meter with roaming sim card which transmits your generation data to a central portal where we can monitor performance. We will also complete the paperwork for the meter swap and send it to your Feed-In Tariff licensee. The annual fee covers the cost of the sim contract and the monitoring.

Special Offer – Opt for the Domestic maintenance plan and Remote Monitoring and save £50 off your installation.

Quarterly Meter Read & Feed-In Tarrif Submission – £39 per year (requires remote monitoring)

If you opt for the remote monitoring package, this add-on can take the stress out of worrying when to send your next Feed-In Tarrif reading in. Because we can see your meter reading remotely, we can do it for you every quarter. You will continue to get paid as usual in the normal way.

All prices include VAT. Other services available including panel removal/cleaning/repositioning.

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