How SolarSaver Works

SolarSaver™ is designed to be used with immersion heaters and measures how much power is flowing in or out of your property and how much solar energy is being generated.

Only when you begin exporting electricity will it start to turn on the immersion heater – always adjusting the exact level to use all available solar energy without drawing any power from the grid. You can turn electric appliances on and off in your house without worrying about it; make a cup of tea and SolarSaver™ turns down the immersion heater as soon as you switch your kettle on and turns it up again afterwards. The unit requires no programming; even the internal clock sets itself.

The SolarSaver™ has a clear colour display showing key generation and consumption power levels. There is a manual overide and if you are on economy 7, SolarSaver™ can also provide a night boost if required.

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