Solar Panels for Farms and Out Buildings

The increasing electricity expenses are contributing to the growing overheads that UK farmers grapple with, impacting their profitability. Agricultural buildings present ample, uncomplicated roof spaces, making them an ideal fit for solar PV installations that can significantly reduce energy bills, and offer the opportunity of selling back to the grid.

Solar PV technology provides 100% emission-free renewable energy and by incorporating clean energy into your farming operations, you bolster your commitment to sustainability and enhance the market value of your agricultural products. Solar Voltaics is at the forefront of bringing solar panels to agricultural buildings and farms across the UK.


Agricultural Solar Panel Installers

Solar Voltaics was established in 2010 and has developed an excellent reputation as a leading solar installation company operating within the agricultural market. We specialise solely in solar, so whether you’re wanting to install solar panels and PV systems, solar battery storage systems or advice on how solar can benefit your farm’s operations, our team can help.

Why Choose Solar Voltaics?

  • Quality Products
  • Expertise in Solar Solutions
  • Solar and Battery Installs
  • Save on Carbon Emissions
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Bespoke Solutions

Solar Panel Installation for Agricultural Buildings and Land

Our mission is to make sure that customers understand how solar PV technology can work for them, how it is installed and what financial benefits they can expect from an installation designed to their specific requirements and budget. Mix this with a history spanning more than ten years in the solar industry, Solar Voltaics is your trusted partner for creating and implementing solar panel installations specifically designed for farms and agricultural buildings.

Our extensive expertise and abundant resources enable us to efficiently manage complex projects, ensuring their completion on time and in accordance with industry standards – combine this with a proactive Health and Safety policy and stringent measures to safeguard farmers, workers and the public, we proudly maintain a perfect record of zero accidents.

Industry Leading Solar Installation Company

Whether it you’re wanting a straightforward installation on one of your farm’s flat roofs, or a more complex mounted system in one of your fields, Solar Voltaics has the technical expertise and resources to deliver complex projects on time and to a very high standard. Our typical customers are farmers looking to become sustainable whilst generating an extra stream of income when selling back to the grid.

Our capabilities include all types of pitched roof mounted solar panels, flat roof solar panel installations and ground mounted solar for those with room in their fields. We have extensive experience in the installation of all major inverter brands and specialise in SolarEdge DC optimiser solutions.

Agricultural Cold Storage Building

Farm Cold Storage Building – Funtington, Nr Chichester Installation: Roof mounted 250KW solar PV installation fitted to a 1.3 Acre refrigerated barn used for cold storage of potatoes. System Benefits: Payback expected in less than 6 years System will generate over 230,000 KW hours of energy per year. Saving £17,250 per year in utility costs

Accreditations & Partnerships

Working with Different Types of Farms

We understand that each farm has their unique twist on how they do things, which is why we adopt the same approach! A poultry farm may have a pitched warehouse roof that they’re looking to utilise, whereas a dairy farm may have a disused part of their fields which presents an opportunity to place mounted panels in – we take a different stance on each project and provide bespoke solutions.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

We’ve been trusted for agricultural solar panel installations in the UK since 2010 and in that time, our team have developed industry-leading knowledge and experience what makes a solar project successful. Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, we design solar systems tailored to each customer’s specific energy needs and property layout. This bespoke service ensures reduced energy bills, maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction, setting us apart from other solar panel installation companies working in the agriculture market.



A site survey will determine the suitability of your building for solar PV systems



We present the most efficient system design and output to match your energy needs



At this stage, our team can answer your questions and review options with you



Our simple agreement policy, safeguards your quote if anything changes



Solar panel installation takes place with minimal disruption to your daily activities



We can monitor and maintain your solar PV system to maximise performance

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How Solar Can Help Your Farm

Tax Benefits

Solar panels qualify as plant and machinery, making them eligible for capital allowances – this means their cost can be written off against profits in the first year.

For a farming partnership with a 40% tax rate, 40% of the solar installation’s cost can be claimed back from HMRC on the next tax return, making a £35,000 investment effectively just £21,000 for the business.

Reduce Operational Costs

With energy costs sky rocketing in the last few years, solar installation on your commercial farm or outbuildings means you can say goodbye to the issue of costly electricity rates.

This shift not only lowers energy bills but also allows you to invest in parts of your business that really need it.

Alternative Stream of Income

Generating renewable energy to sell back to the grid is another possibility. This can be done on a small scale by exporting excess energy when your system produces more than you use, or another option is to invest in a solar PV system dedicated to generating and exporting energy.

Average payback length is 5-6 years and your solar investment can be cashflow positive in as little as 2 years.

Did You Know?

Farms with solar installations can generate 40-80% of their own energy needs, greatly reducing their dependency on traditional power grids and protecting them from fluctuating energy prices.

Solar Products

Explore our range of solar products, carefully sourced from reliable manufacturers and fully certified to MCS standards, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. From advanced solar panels that harness sunlight, to cutting-edge battery storage systems, we provide practical solutions that lower costs and promote sustainability.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar PV systems are very reliable, but planned solar maintenance is essential to ensure continued high output efficiency. Many solar systems in the UK have been installed for several years now, some for over 5 years. Whilst most maybe running well, many owners don’t check their systems performance regularly and wouldn’t know if it was performing well or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put solar panels on agricultural land?

Yes, but there are various factors to consider with a large-scale ground-mounted solar PV system. Key among these is the necessity of full planning permission and the challenge of integrating the panel’s power into your existing supply or the grid. Solar PV installations on farm buildings tend to be more practical, with less demanding planning requirements and better electrical infrastructure access.

How do solar PV cells work?

Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert radiation from the sun into electricity.  A typical PV cell consists of a wafer of semi-conducting material, usually silicon, manufactured with two electrically different layers.  When sunlight hits the cell it excites the electrons within the silicon, creating an electric field across the layers and causing a flow of electricity.

How much electricity do solar PV systems generate?

An optimally orientated, un-shaded 1kWp array will, each year, generate approx 850kWh (units) of electricity.

Is it still worth installing solar panels on my farm without the Feed-in Tariff?

Yes, despite the phase-out of the Government Feed-in Tariff, the installation of solar panels has seen a significant increase in recent years. This surge is attributed to the declining costs of solar technology and a heightened understanding of its environmental and economic benefits over time. With substantial reductions in production costs, improved panel efficiency, and the current instability in the energy market, investing in solar panels for your farm or agribusiness is an excellent decision right now.

Where can I place my solar PV panels?

Solar panels can be mounted in a range of locations, from a roof to the ground and even bespoke frames. We install on a range of roof types, including flat roofs. Ground mounted systems use ballast or specially designed mounting frames. Solar panels are best if they are south facing, but east and west facing roofs are are suitable, although output will be slightly less. A roof pitch of between 10 and 50 degrees is best and preferably with little or no shade. If shade cannot be avoided then we can include optimisers to reduce the shading impact.

How are solar panels fixed to my farm's roof? Will they cause damage?

Typically, solar panels are set up on a rail system that’s securely fixed to the roof. This solar PV system is engineered to preserve the structural integrity and strength of your roof, ensuring it remains watertight and free from damage.

Do I need planning permission to install solar panels?

Most of the time the answer is no. However, if your farm is in a protected area such as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or a National Park such as the South Downs, then you may need permission, but not always. We can advise you on this… Some authorities will ask that you have a bat or bird survey first or that your system meets certain aesthetic criteria such as it being an ‘in-roof’ system where the panels sit flush with the roof tiles. We can work with your needs and design a system that meets the necessary criteria.

Quick Facts About Solar Energy for Farms

  • Solar panels generally have a long lifespan, often 25-30 years, ensuring long-term energy generation and sustainability for farms
  • You can generate and store your own energy, reducing your reliance on the National Grid and protect your business from potential rationing and brownouts
  • Farms can reduce their electricity costs by approximately 20-30% annually with solar energy, depending on the scale of their solar panel installations
  • They represent time-limited, reversible land use and provide an increased, diversified and stable source of income for farmers

Why Choose Solar Voltaics?

CHAS (Construction Health and Safety) & Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

Solar Voltaics is accredited under the CHAS (Construction Health and Safety) scheme. We are experienced in working on construction sites and operating to strict safety standards.

All installations are carried out to the standards laid down by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). We are regularly audited by NAPIT to confirm that our workmanship standards are up to the required quality levels.

No Sub-Contracting

At Solar Voltaics we prefer not to sub-contract to other companies. We stand by the quality and professionalism of our installations, because we manage them all with our own professionally trained staff.


We are more than happy to put you in touch with previous clients who can vouch for how we performed for them. Our solar PV experts understand that this is good commercial practice and we have plenty of clients that we can refer you to, including public sector, private companies and institutions in the UK.

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