Solar Panels for Farms and Out Buildings

The increasing electricity expenses are contributing to the growing overheads that UK farmers grapple with, impacting their profitability. Agricultural buildings present ample, uncomplicated roof spaces, making them an ideal fit for solar PV installations that can significantly reduce energy bills, and offer the opportunity of selling back to the grid.

Solar PV technology provides 100% emission-free renewable energy and by incorporating clean energy into your farming operations, you bolster your commitment to sustainability and enhance the market value of your agricultural products. Solar Voltaics is at the forefront of bringing solar panels to agricultural buildings and farms across the UK.

Our services, including consultation, installation, and continuous maintenance, guarantee a seamless transition to clean and economically advantageous solar energy.

Why Choose Solar Voltaics?

  • Competitive pricing
  • All sizes of PV systems from 1 panel upwards
  • All building and roof types – single storey, flats, high rise
  • Flexible work scheduling to fit with your team
  • Free advice and design
  • Technical expertise
  • Construction site trained
  • Dedicated point of contact

Solar Panel Installation for Agricultural Buildings and Land

With a history spanning more than ten years in the solar industry, Solar Voltaics is your trusted partner for creating and implementing solar panel installations specifically designed for farms and agricultural buildings. Our extensive expertise and abundant resources enable us to efficiently manage complex projects, ensuring their completion on time and in accordance with industry standards.

With a proactive Health and Safety policy and stringent measures to safeguard farmers, workers and the public, we proudly maintain a perfect record of zero accidents.

Solar panel installation on agricultural barn West Sussex

Agricultural Cold Storage Building

Farm Cold Storage Building – Funtington, Nr Chichester Installation: Roof mounted 250KW solar PV installation fitted to a 1.3 Acre refrigerated barn used for cold storage of potatoes. System Benefits: Payback expected in less than 6 years System will generate over 230,000 KW hours of energy per year. Saving £17,250 per year in utility costs

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