Solar Panels for Offices and Businesses

Companies and office setups that conduct their activities during the daytime represent the prime candidates for integrating solar panels. Solar PV has gained immense popularity as one of the most rewarding sustainable technologies due to their exceptional returns it presents businesses in the UK.

Whilst there are financial incentives, installing solar panels on offices also present an effective way to significantly reduce your business’ carbon footprint – a standard 250kWp solar PV system can offset approximately 64 tonnes of CO2 emissions, equivalent to driving 155,000 miles in a petrol car.

With Solar Voltaics, you have a trusted partner in the integration of solar panels into office buildings and businesses across the UK. Our services, including consultation, installation, and continuous maintenance, ensure a trouble-free shift to clean and economically advantageous solar energy.

Why Choose Solar Voltaics?

  • Competitive pricing
  • All sizes of PV systems from 1 panel upwards
  • All building and roof types – single storey, flats, high rise
  • Flexible work scheduling to fit with your team
  • Free advice and design
  • Technical expertise
  • Construction site trained
  • Dedicated point of contact

Solar Panel Installation for Businesses and Corporate Buildings

Solar Voltaics, with over ten years of experience in the solar industry, is your reliable partner for crafting and executing solar panel installations tailored specifically for businesses throughout the UK.

Our extensive expertise and abundant resources uniquely position us to efficiently oversee intricate projects, guaranteeing their on-time completion while adhering to industry benchmarks.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of office employees, visitors, and other stakeholders through a proactive Health and Safety policy and rigorous measures – this dedication has led to our remarkable record of zero accidents.

Solar panel installation - Commercial Offices - Appuldram

Commercial Offices – Appuldram

Our customer wanted to add Solar PV panels to three separate prime office buildings on the outskirts of Chichester.  on the outskirts of Chichester.  The aim was to enhance the let-ability and reduce running costs for tenants whilst maintaining or adding to the attractive nature of the setting.  In addition, the system needed to be

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