Commercial Solar Panel Installation

A Trusted Partner for Commercial Solar Installations in the UK

Solar Voltaics was established in 2010 and has developed an excellent reputation as a leading commercial-scale solar installation company in the UK. With over a decade of experience, we at Solar Voltaics are known for offering tailored, innovative solutions that align with each client’s unique energy needs. We excel in designing, installing, and maintaining solar systems for various businesses, from industrial facilities to educational institutions.

At Solar Voltaics, we prioritise sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and adhering to strict environmental standards. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of solar technology ensures clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions, making us a reliable partner for businesses seeking to transition to clean, efficient energy sources.

Professional Commercial Solar Installations

Our experienced team of designers and solar installation engineers are dedicated to providing a professional service tailored to your business needs. We cover the full spectrum of solar PV services, from design and installation to testing, commissioning, and maintenance. 

We pride ourselves on responsiveness, competitive pricing, and holding full MCS accreditation. With a proven track record in large-scale rooftop installations for commercial properties, we offer a practical solution that not only reduces carbon emissions but also mitigates the need for purchasing expensive grid electricity during peak times. 

Solar PV is a wise choice for businesses, educational institutions, or hospitals with ample roof space or available land, providing long-term energy sustainability for your premises.

Commercial Solar PV - fitted on a museum roof in Portmsouth

Important Factors to Consider – energy usage and expected yield

The consumption profile of your building is key to the financial viability of the project. If you can provide us with a reasonable level of detail such as monthly electricity bills or half-hourly data from your electricity provider, then that is the starting point for us to do an evaluation for you. We can use this information to present meaningful data regarding the cost savings and financial payback achievable from a solar energy system.

We use industry-leading solar design software PV*SOL Premium which enables us to analyse PV system sizing and yield potential. The yield is calculated by considering a number of different factors:-

  • The efficiency of core components (panels & inverters)
  • The orientation and inclination of the PV array
  • The shading of the PV system from surrounding buildings and trees etc.
  • Local historic weather data

The Project process – we make it simple and informative

Feasibility – This could be an initial desk-top-based phase using satellite images of the building followed by a site survey and will determine the suitability of the building for solar PV.

Proposal – We present the most efficient system design and output to match your energy needs.

Review – Here we can answer your questions and review options with you.

Contract – Our simple agreement safeguards your price.

Install – Solar installation takes place with minimal disruption to your daily business.

Maintain – We can monitor and maintain your system to maximise performance.

Solar PV is a reliable technology that has huge benefits for commercial enterprises. Solar panels have been proven to still be working at up to 90% efficiency after 20 years so the savings on your energy costs will continue for many years to come.

The Business Case

A solar installation can offer a typical investment payback of between 5 & 12 years. The payback period depends on on-site electricity consumption and the retail price of electricity both now and anticipated in the future.

If you provide us with a good estimate of your electricity use and costs then we can overlay this with the expected output of the solar PV system to determine how much of the solar energy you are likely to use. It is the combination of energy consumption profile and solar PV output that determines how useful a solar energy system will be to you.

PV systems require very little maintenance besides regular monitoring and replacement of inverters (5-10 years). In general, PV panels are self-cleaning unless your building is in an area that suffers from high dust levels, leaf fall etc.

Commercial Solar Maintenance

Maintaining your commercial solar PV system is crucial for peak performance and long-term energy generation. Our commercial solar energy systems are designed to last for at least 30 years. Regular remote monitoring and maintenance visits are essential to safeguard against potential performance declines and protect your solar investment and financial returns.

For those who have already invested in a solar system, our services ensure that any faults are promptly identified and resolved, maximising your returns. Our maintenance packages are available for commercial-sized systems, regardless of whether they were installed by Solar Voltaics or other companies.

Facts about Solar

Join an environmental revolution more rapid than anyone predicted: and make an excellent return on investment!

  • By 2050 solar energy is predicted to be the world’s largest single source of electricity. Wow! There is no stopping it. Even without subsidies, the low investment cost of solar means that it’s an extremely cost-effective source of energy across the globe. It’s much cheaper than nuclear and even coal and gas in many locations. It’s here to stay.
  • A single relatively small commercial roof installation of 30 KW will save over 26 tonnes of CO2 emissions compared to fossil fuels;
  • The causal factors of global warming are much debated, but few argue that it is happening. Solar energy is now the most cost-effective technology for reducing our CO2 emissions. It is not an answer for all of our power needs, but it has a major part to play in our future mitigation of climate change.

Our Testimonials

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    • From the initial call out Solar Voltaics couldn’t have been more helpful or professional. Mark came to visit the house several times and presented us with 6 options for solar panels. The work was prompt and the team polite and helpful. The electrician in particular was brilliant, and very diligent. Despite saying he would clock off early afternoon on the final day, when he discovered a problem connecting the battery he stayed until the job was resolved several hours later. We’ve since had other electricians in to look at other jobs in the house and they have commented on how good a job Solar Voltaics did. When we discovered one of the roof tiles hadn’t gone back correctly, the team came back to address this, despite the works being completed, which was very much appreciated. Would highly recommend.

    • Excellent Company, good price, excellent customer service, installers installed battery system with minimal mess, explained how to use it. All in all an excellent experience. I would not hesitate to use them again.

    • Great advice, Very professional and went the extra mile

    • They were great from start to finish and have continued to provide timely support post installation.

    • Excellent pre and post installation information and support


    Commercial Solar Maintenance

    Our maintenance services include remote system monitoring and regular on-site visits, effectively mitigating the risk of performance losses and protecting your solar investment.

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