Generate Free Hot Water From Your Solar Panels

SolarSaver™ automatically re-directs excess solar power not being used in your home to heat your hot water for free – saving on your normal fuel costs. Use your boiler as a back-up, or switch it off altogether in the summer!

SolarSaver™ is designed to be used with immersion heaters and measures how much power is flowing in or out of your property and how much solar energy is being generated. Only when you begin exporting electricity will it start to turn on the immersion heater – always adjusting the exact level to use all available solar energy without drawing any power from the grid.

You can turn electric appliances on and off in your house without worrying about it; make a cup of tea and SolarSaver™ turns down the immersion heater as soon as you switch your kettle on and turns it up again afterwards. The unit requires no programming; even the internal clock sets itself.

The SolarSaver™ has a clear colour display showing key generation and consumption power levels. There is a manual overide and if you are on economy 7, SolarSaver™ can also provide a night boost if required.

The example below shows typical energy use and generation for a home on a sunny day with a 4kW solar PV system.

How it works

  • The house used 14kWh over 24 hours.
  • 7 kWh of energy used came from solar power.
  • The PV system generated 21 kWh of energy, of which 14kWh was not used (and went into the grid).

That means that 14 units of energy could have been used to heat hot water – that’s enough to run an immersion heater for 5 hours!

If you have an existing solar PV system, a hot water tank and immersion heater, it should be possible for us to install a SolarSaver™ for just £595 inc parts, labour and VAT.  Payback depends on hot water use but is typically within 2 – 5 years.

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    • Fantastic job by the Solar Voltaics team. Very polite, professional and tidy. Would certainly recommend. Currently enjoying free energy on the evening of the installation.

    • Solar Voltaics have been superb from start to finish. So good to deal with a human company, no phone queues, quick and thorough survey, very clear explanations of the planned installation. The installers were all great, very tidy and quick. The price has been very competitive and the system is up and running well. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.

    • Fantastic from initial phone call, through to installation, commission, MCS & G99. Very helpful to the non-experts like me and always open to give advice and guidance.

      Competitive price by a very trusted business and it has been a pleasure to use Solar Voltaics!

    • Really good service and support.

    • Solar Voltaics recently installed Solar on my property very professionally from start to finish would recommend.


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