Solar for Construction Sector

Solar Voltaics was established in 2010 and has developed an excellent reputation as a leading commercial scale solar installation company. Solar PV is now more frequently being specified in new-build projects and hence much of our business is turning to supporting solar for the construction sector.

What do you need from a solar PV supplier?

  • Competitive pricing?
  • All sizes of PV systems from 1 panel upwards?
  • All building & roof types – single storey, flats, high rise?
  • Flexible work scheduling to fit with your team?
  • Free advice and design?
  • Technical expertise?
  • Construction site trained?
  • Dedicated point of contact?

This is exactly what we provide. Contact us to discuss your requirements:

Our Services for the Construction Sector

The main legislative requirement surrounding renewable energy in the construction sector is Part L of the Building Regulations.

This demands that all new build developments must generate a minimum of 10% of electricity demand on-site from renewable technology. Local authorities can also specify the inclusion of renewables such as solar PV as part of new build projects planning conditions.

BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation. If your project is targeting a BREEAM certification, then integrating solar PV is important and will increase your BREEAM score in many of the energy categories.

Through our knowledge of the construction process and our project management expertise, we can provide full specification compliant tender quotations.

Our installation services include design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning to MCS guidelines. We have a strong track record for working with electrical contractors, principal contractors, architects and consultants.

Our installation, site and project management teams all hold appropriate CSCS accreditation. We have a proactive Health & Safety policy and procedures which have enabled us to maintain an excellent accident free record.

New Build Residential

Whether it’s a small system of just 2 panels to meet building control requirements, or a larger system, we can install on a single property or large housing developments.

Industrial & Commercial

Property owners are increasingly aware of the benefits of installing solar on their new build commercial units. Even as government subsidies are phased out, the financial savings on electricity costs mean that solar is just as viable as ever. With electricity prices rising and predicted to do so for the foreseeable future savvy developers are realising that solar PV adds value to their properties and makes them easier to let.


Schools & Public Sector

New build schools will almost certainly have a requirement for solar PV as part of the measures to meet Part L of the Building Regulations. Refurbishment projects are also increasingly likely to specity solar panels as an integral part of provided more energy efficient buildings for the future. Schools are particularly high users of electricity and so a typical installation will result in most of the solar generated electricity being used on site, providing maximum benefit in reducing the schools electricity costs.



Hotels are high users of electricity, which makes Solar PV an obvious benefit by reducing running costs. As the general public become more aware of environmental issues and global warming, adding solar panels provides a visible demonstration to guests of the hotel’s commitment in reducing its carbon footprint.


Expertise in all roof types

We can work directly with roof manufacturers such as Danosa, Iko, Sarnafil, Protan & Britmet to ensure continuity of warranty

  • Standing seam
  • Trapezoidal composite panels
  • Steel profile
  • Felt/mineral
  • Slate, concrete and rosemary tiles
  • Flat roof – ballasted south facing & east/west
  • In-roof (flush)
  • Single ply membrane – (e.g. Danosa)

Quotations & Deliverables

We can provide full specification compliant tender quotations. As part of our service we provide a full design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and certification service with full O&M documentation.

Our installation, site and project management teams all hold appropriate CSCS accreditation. We have a proactive Health and Safety policy and procedures and are proud to maintain our excellent accident free record.

We appoint a dedicated Project Manager for each job we undertake which means you only have one point of contact and allows us to work flexibly around your schedule.

Performance Calculations

We use both the MCS guideline method for calculating the performance of solar PV systems and PV Sol to model buildings in 3D to calculate the expected system performance. This method allows the specific solar panels and inverters to be taken into account as well as the actual shading effects of local features such as trees, surrounding buildings and roofs.

DNO/G59 Applications

Any grid connected solar PV system above 16 amps per phase will require DNO approval and G59 certification before installation can commence. Solar Voltaics is fully experienced in these application processes and can manage all applications from start to finish on behalf of our customer.

18.4 KW system installed on residential flats in Fareham

18.4KW System Installed on New Build Domestic Flats

  An 18.4 KW system has been installed on a new build block of flats in Fareham as part of the building control requirement to achieve the necessary SAP rating. The system utilised JA Solar panels and Solis 3 phase inverter connected up to the landlords supply. Installation is completed in phases, in line with

Our Testimonials

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    • From the initial call out Solar Voltaics couldn’t have been more helpful or professional. Mark came to visit the house several times and presented us with 6 options for solar panels. The work was prompt and the team polite and helpful. The electrician in particular was brilliant, and very diligent. Despite saying he would clock off early afternoon on the final day, when he discovered a problem connecting the battery he stayed until the job was resolved several hours later. We’ve since had other electricians in to look at other jobs in the house and they have commented on how good a job Solar Voltaics did. When we discovered one of the roof tiles hadn’t gone back correctly, the team came back to address this, despite the works being completed, which was very much appreciated. Would highly recommend.

    • Excellent Company, good price, excellent customer service, installers installed battery system with minimal mess, explained how to use it. All in all an excellent experience. I would not hesitate to use them again.

    • Great advice, Very professional and went the extra mile

    • They were great from start to finish and have continued to provide timely support post installation.

    • Excellent pre and post installation information and support


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