Agricultural Cold Storage Building

Farm Cold Storage Building – Funtington, Nr Chichester


Roof mounted 250KW solar PV installation fitted to a 1.3 Acre refrigerated barn used for cold storage of potatoes.

System Benefits:

Payback expected in less than 6 years

  • System will generate over 230,000 KW hours of energy per year.
  • Saving £17,250 per year in utility costs – based on 75% of energy generated being used on site .
  • FIT revenue of £24,400 per year based on the current 10.62p per KWh tariff
  • £2,650 per year raised in export tariff – based on 25% of energy not used sold back to the grid
  • Total System savings and revenue – £44,300 per year


CO2 Saving:

The system will save and offset 161 Tonnes of CO2 per year.
Technical Specification



  • Axitec GmbH – 240W Polycrystalline
  • 12 Year manufacturer’s warranty. 25 year performance warranty
  • Positive power tolerance -0+5W
  • 100 % electroluminescence inspection
  • IP67 junction box and connector systems


Inverters & G59 Protection Relay:

  • 8 Power One Trio 30 KW inverters
  • 16 separate independent MPPT trackers
  • 96 individually fused strings
  • Integrated DC & AC switches
  • 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • IP65 rated G59 protection relay enclosure with integrated generation meter and mains isolation


System performance and monitoring:

  • Performance and health monitoring system included
  • Automated e-mail of faults or errors protects revenue stream
  • Web and App interface for ease of use
  • Individual String level monitoring and comparison
  • Automatic start-up of plant and machinery using generated power


Outline of Work Undertaken by Solar Voltaics:

  • Measurement survey
  • 3D design & layout of solar arrays
  • Performance calculations including energy output, savings, FIT revenues and ROI’s
  • Planning consultation
  • Grid connection approval with Distribution Network Operator (DNO)
  • Structural assessments of roof structure
  • Energy Performance Certification (EPC) of building to obtain highest FIT rate
  • Registration of system with OFGEM
  • Complete Feed In Tariff application
  • Complete installation of panels, inverters, AC cabling and G59 protection relay


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