610KW Solar PV Array Completed at Trafalgar Drystack, Portchester

Installation of a 610KW solar PV array by Solar Voltaics is completed at Trafalgar Wharf Drystack.

The Drystack is home to over 300 motor boats and Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) between 4m and 13m long. Trafalgar Drystack is the largest boat storage facility in Hampshire and the UK.

The installation will reduce the electrical demand on site by over 200 MWh and feed over 300MWh into the grid each year.

CO2 emissions will be cut by over 200 Tonnes per year.

The scope of work included:-

  • Feasibility surveys of existing electrical infrastructure and roof construction
  • 3D Design of solar array and full electrical design
  • Performance calculations including self-consumption and CO2 savings analysis
  • DNO grid connection application and management
  • Structural Assessments and Approvals
  • Full installation by our own in-house installtion team
  • Commissioning and witness testing by the local DNO¬†

Equipment installed comprised:-

  • 1507 Trina Solar 405W panels
  • Renusol Metasole+ mounting system
  • 5 X Solis 100 KW 5G Inverters
  • Monitoring via GSM modem to cloud server


Construction phase in December 2022


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