4.2kW system in Southampton


This customer had a 4.2kW system installed over three different roofs, along with a hybrid battery system with 10.4kWh of storage. We used the Clenergy mounting system to fix the panels to the concrete tile roof. The battery storage and inverter are located in the customer’s garage.


System details:

  • 10 x Jinko 420w all black panels
  • GivEnergy 5kW hybrid inverter
  • 2 x GivEnergy 5.2kWh batteries
  • Clenergy mounting system
  • 10 x Tigo Optimisers
  • Bird Blocker bird protection

The system is expected to produce around 4000kWh of electricity per year, which paired with the battery storage, will help to reduce the customer’s energy bills greatly.

The design on our software, before installation.

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