5.1kW system in Emsworth

This customer had a low energy consumption but wanted PV and battery storage that had the capability to power the house in the event of a power cut. ¬†They wanted the new GivEnergy All in One system. We installed Jinko 425w all black panels on this customer’s house roof and fitted Tigo optimisers to help with shading from trees.


System details:

  • 12 x Jinko 425w all black panels
  • Growatt 3.6kW inverter
  • GivEnergy 13.5kWh All in One AC coupled system
  • Clenergy mounting system
  • 12 x Tigo Optimisers

The system is expected to produce around 4600kWh of electricity per year which paired with the All in One system will help power the house, even in the case of a power cut.

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