Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pump Installations

Solar Voltaics, accredited by MCS, offers air source heat pump installations, providing a sustainable solution to heat your home. These systems efficiently capture heat from the outdoor air, which can then be utilised for heating water, underfloor systems, or warming the indoor environment. The remarkable advantage of these systems lies in their efficiency, typically producing 3 to 5 times more heat output than the electricity required to operate them.

Much like how a refrigerator extracts heat from its interior, an air source heat pump extracts heat from the surrounding air, even when the temperature dips as low as -15°C. While heat pumps do rely on electricity to function, they have a minimal environmental impact because the heat they capture from the air is constantly replenished by nature. At Solar Voltaics, we’ve introduced heat pumps to meet customer demand. The synergy between heat pumps and solar PV systems is clear, as solar-generated electricity can efficiently power the heat pumps, resulting in an eco-friendly and cost-effective heating solution that reduces your carbon footprint and lowers energy expenses.

Air Source Heat Pumps – Renewable Heating Solutions

Our air source heat pump systems provide an efficient way to heat your home. They generate warm air, which is then distributed throughout your living space via fans. This system involves an external unit connected to wall-mounted units within your property using insulated pipes. Air source heat pumps are particularly effective for homes lacking access to a main gas supply. They offer substantial savings compared to oil or calor gas heating, eliminating concerns about fuel deliveries or fuel shortages.

If your home isn’t connected to the mains gas supply, you may be eligible for government grants and funding through the Renewable Heat Incentive program. For more information on how air-source heat pumps can deliver efficient and eco-friendly heating while potentially saving you money, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Efficient Swimming Pool Heating

Air source heat pumps offer significant cost savings, especially when compared to oil or calor gas heating methods for pools. By switching to a heat pump system, you can enjoy substantial reductions in fuel expenses. The savings become even more impressive when you combine the heat pump with a solar PV system. At Solar Voltaics, we specialise in optimising your solar electricity generation to power your heat pump efficiently. We can provide you with estimated running cost calculations to help you choose the best solution for your needs.

For example, consider a pool requiring 40,000 kWh of heating energy per year for six months. The potential for cost savings is clear. If your property also has a solar PV system, the savings are higher, making the transition to air-source heat pumps a practical and cost-effective choice for your swimming pool heating.

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    • Fantastic job by the Solar Voltaics team. Very polite, professional and tidy. Would certainly recommend. Currently enjoying free energy on the evening of the installation.

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    • Fantastic from initial phone call, through to installation, commission, MCS & G99. Very helpful to the non-experts like me and always open to give advice and guidance.

      Competitive price by a very trusted business and it has been a pleasure to use Solar Voltaics!

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    • Solar Voltaics recently installed Solar on my property very professionally from start to finish would recommend.


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