6.72kW system in Guildford


These customers were new to their home and wanted solar, battery and an EV charge point. At the time this was installed, GivEnergy had just released their new EV charger, so this customer had a full GivEnergy system and was our first customer to have a GivEnergy EV charge point installed by us. The customer had panels on the house roof and the garage’s flat roof.

System details:

  • 16 x Jinko 420w all black panels
  • GivEnergy 5kW hybrid inverter
  • GivEnergy 9.5kWh battery
  • Clenergy mounting system on the house
  • ESDEC flat roof mounting system on the garage

The system is expected to generate around 6200kWh per year, which will help the customer save around £1100 per year.


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