5.59kw system in Bedhampton

Jinko 430w panels on a concrete tile roof.

This customer had been doing some renovation work on their house and wanted to include solar and battery storage in the work. They had a great south-east facing roof that we managed to fill with panels and they wanted a GivEnergy All-in-One system to allow them to store excess solar in the 13.5kwh capacity storage system.

Jinko 430w panels on a concrete tile roof with pigeon mesh.


This system comprises of:

13 x 430w Jinko panels

Pigeon mesh

Solis 5kw string inverter

GivEnergy All-in-One and Gateway

Clenergy mounting system


This system is expected to generate around 4900kwh of energy per year and should save the customer about £1500 on their bills each year.

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