Step by Step Guide To Solar Panels

Our step-by-step guide to solar PV should help you understand what to expect from making those initial enquiries to the day we install solar PV on your home.

Step 1

Book a free Solar PV home survey:

  • Give us a call or send us an email and we will be able to advise you if your home is suitable for solar PV.
  • One of our solar advisors will talk you through how solar could work for you and your home. We will then arrange a date and time convenient for you for a full no obligation survey at a time to suit you.

Step 2

What to expect when we visit – our solar PV expert will visit your home and:

  • Measure the size, pitch, angle and suitability of your roof
  • Check your roof structure for condition and integrity
  • Check your electrics are in order to enable connection
  • Discuss suitable location for inverter and cable runs
  • Assess your home to see if you will meet energy performance requirements

Step 3

After your survey we will send you a detailed quotation including:

  • CAD illustration showing the number and location of the panels on you roof
  • Expected power generation, FIT revenue and energy saving projection
  • Anticipated pay back

Step 4

When you decide to proceed you will sign an order form and pay your deposit to our protected client account.

  • We will arrange for an energy performance assessor to visit your property to generate an EPC certificate.  Only after a Level D rating has been achieved will we proceed with the installation and arrange a suitable installation date with you.
  • If there is any problem with your property not attaining a Level D certificate we can advise you on the best course of action.

Step 5

Getting you generating your own electricity

  • Before your installation we get your home ready, putting up scaffolding the day before we start to give us access to the roof.
  • Our team of installers and electricians will arrive with everything we need to install your solar PV system.
  • We attach your solar panels using a proprietary German stainless steel fixing system and then connect the panels to your internal electrics.
  • When we finish we clear up ensuring we leave your home clean and tidy with your new solar PV system generating electricity for your home

Step 6

Registering you system for FIT payments

After we have installed your solar PV panels we will arrange a final visit when you will:

  • Receive your EPC.
  • Finalise the paperwork for your Feed-in Tariff with your energy company.
  • Learn how the PV system works and how to monitor energy generation.

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